Two research studies to benefit patients

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An invitation to participate in two research study surveys. Please consider participating in the surveys detailed below:

Curtin University research study

Please complete a brief (5mins) online questionnaire which is part of the following research study:  Knowledge, attitudes and practice of oncologists in promoting physical activity to cancer survivors

Please click here for the anonymous and confidential survey

The aims of this study are:

  • To determine existing physical activity knowledge of oncologists and allied health professionals in relation to benefits and recommendations
  • To determine personal physical activity behaviour and whether it predicts the practice of physical activity promotion with patients
  • To determine level of confidence to promote physical activity in patients
  • To explore barriers to physical activity advice or promotion

If you would like to receive any further information about this research study, including a report of the results of the survey, you are most welcome to contact the principal study investigator, Dr Sarah Hardcastle at

UNSW research study:

Researchers at UNSW Australia are seeking volunteers who have received neurotoxic chemotherapy (i.e. chemotherapy that can cause damage to the nerves) as a treatment for cancer to complete an online survey. Through this survey, we hope to better understand the impact of side effects of chemotherapy on the lives of Australian cancer survivors.

The survey is anonymous, and takes around 30 minutes to complete.

If you would like to participate in the study please go to this website:

Or for more information please email: