New NEC Clinical Trial Open for Recruitment

NABNEC Video Screenshot 1

We are pleased to be able to promote our latest National Neuroendocrine Carcinoma (NEC) clinical trial – ‘NABNEC’, lead by the AGITG’s Principal Investigator,  Dr Mustafa Khasraw.

This clinical trial aims to establish the best treatment for this very rare disease by comparing two chemotherapy regiments – nab-paclitaxel with carboplatin compared with carboplatin with etoposide.

Participating in this trial will provide patients with access to new treatment, as well as enable researchers to study the disease and the tumour tissue more closely.

Please CLICK HERE to view and share the video above for more on the clinical trial and this rare cancer, which most often appears in the stomach but can also arise in other parts of the digestive system.

Many thanks to the Unicorn Foundation for supporting the production of this important video.

Any patient with a newly diagnosed NEC may be eligible to take part in this NABNEC trial and should speak with their oncologist or GP to find out more.