Interview with new Fellow


The AGITG has two new Research Fellows. This month we talked to Dr Namrata Nayar about her interest in GI cancer and what she hopes to achieve during her Fellowship over the next year.

AGITG: Why did you decide to focus on GI cancer?

Dr Nayar:   During my Oncology training years, I developed a special interest in GI cancer. Cancer care is dynamically changing with better understanding of molecular pathogenesis of tumours. In the era of precision medicine, with the advent of molecularly targeted therapies and immunotherapy, we are now able to provide personalized care to our patients. In GI cancer there are still gaps in evidence and unmet needs in some tumour subtypes which possibly can be addressed by ongoing clinical trials and development of new concepts for future trials. I would like to contribute in improving the well-being of patients with GI cancer through ongoing learning and involvement in clinical trials.

AGITG: What made you apply for the Research Fellowship at the AGITG?

Dr Nayar: I believe that clinical trials hold a very important place in Oncology and may be the only means for some patients to receive effective treatments which otherwise may not have been possible. I feel a research fellowship with AGITG will provide me with the platform to enhance my understanding of design and conduct of clinical trials and learn skills to develop and transforming a concept into a mature trial and understand the operational aspects of large collaborative trial groups.

AGITG: What do you hope to gain from the AGITG Research Fellowship?

Dr Nayar: I would like to enhance my knowledge on design and conduct of clinical trials, develop expertise in writing trial protocols and grant applications. I would also like to gain opportunities to do systematic reviews and research and publish them in high ranking journals. This fellowship will provide me the foundation to develop a portfolio in clinical trials and research and conduct high-quality independent research in coming years.

AGITG: Do you have any hobbies/interests — what are they?

Dr Nayar: I like to be involved in activities with people. Travelling and exploring new places has always been my favourite hobby.