Expert Meeting on Pancreatic Cancer

“Controversies in the management of patients with pancreatic cancer”

On Sunday, 18 December a group of AGITG experts will be meeting in Singapore to discuss the controversies in the management of patients with pancreatic cancer.

The meeting will be chaired by A/Professor Eva Segelov and attendees include:

International Faculty: Prof Dirk Arnold, Prof Florian Lordick, Prof Ian Chau, Dr Radka Obermannova

AGITG Faculty: Prof Tim Price, Prof David Goldstein, Dr Lorraine Chantrill, A/P Dan Croagh, Dr Chris Jackson

Aim: To discuss topics of controversy in the management of patients with pancreatic cancer, in order to produce an expert opinion consensus for publication.


Four topics will be discussed (1/2 hour each) by the whole panel, facilitated by the allocated topic chair, following a 10-15 min presentation by the nominated presenter.

Notes will be taken and the session recorded to be converted into a manuscript. The meeting chair will coordinate the manuscript which requires contribution of each topic ‘team’. The manuscript should be ready for submission by March 2017.

Please nominate subtopic areas within your allocated topic prior to the meeting to be circulated to all experts, along with relevant literature. A dropbox has been setup to house any literature that any of the expert panel would like to upload as prereading for any of the topics; this will also house the subsequent manuscript drafts.

Topic 1: Optimal chemotherapy for metastatic disease: which drugs, which sequence?

Topic chair: Chris Jackson

Presenter: Ian Chau

Topic 2: Neoadjuvant chemo (radiation) for locally advanced pancreas cancer: which patients, which chemotherapy and which staging?

Topic chair: Dan Croagh

Presenter: Florian Lordick

Topic 3: Optimal adjuvant chemotherapy: should/has practice changed?

Topic chair: Tim Price

Presenter: Dirk Arnold

Topic 4: Genomics for pancreas cancer: now and future

Topic chair: David Goldstein

Presenter: Lorraine Chantrill

Topic 5: Symptom management in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer

Topic chair: Eva Segelov

Presenter: Radka Obermannova

This activity is supported by an unrestricted educational grant to the AGITG from Shire.