Developing our Research

Investigators are encouraged to bring research concepts forward through various avenues and opportunities offered by the AGITG.

Our tried and tested structured processes and teams of experts that provide advice will make bringing your concept to life easier than you think.

The AGITG has a rich history of conducting practice changing clinical trials, along with smaller scale trials that generate the necessary evidence to support funding submissions, and more recently cutting edge translational research.

Our track record in publishing AGITG research results can be viewed here.

AGITG research projects can be:

  • Developed and led by local AGITG Investigators and Trial Management Committees
  • Local or international collaborations with intergroup partners
  • Developed and conducted externally and submitted for AGITG endorsement
  • Submitted to the AGITG in various stages of development.

Current Forums for research review include:

  • New Concepts Symposium at the Annual Scientific Meeting
  • AGITG-APC Pancreatic Cancer Research Workshop
  • AGITG Innovation Fund — up to $100,000/year grants
  • Upper / Lower GI Working Parties
  • Scientific Advisory Committee  (when Working Parties are in need of additional input)
  • Consumer Advisory Panel

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Committee, I invite you to engage with the AGITG through the expert Upper/Lower GI Working Parties.   To register your interest contact the Executive Officer, Russell Conley, on (02) 9562 5072 or at


Professor Tim Price


Tim Price

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