AGITG’s new Research Fellow: Dr Monica Tang

Dr Monica Tang

The AGITG has two new Research Fellows for 2017. This month we spoke with Dr Monica Tang and asked her about what she hopes to achieve during her Fellowship year.

AGITG: Why did you decide to focus on GI cancer?

Dr Tang: I find GI cancers interesting because they encompass a range of malignancies, with different biologies and treatments. Seeing patients with different GI cancers in the clinic is also interesting and adds variety to my role.

AGITG: What made you apply for the Research Fellowship at the AGITG?

Dr Tang: I had been looking after patients on gastro-intestinal cancer trials as a Medical Oncology Advanced Trainee, which I found very stimulating. The Research Fellowship offered a way for me to learn more about how clinical trials are developed and coordinated that would complement my clinical experience.

AGITG: What do you hope to gain from the Fellowship?

Dr Tang: I hope to develop skills and experience in designing and implementing clinical trials, and be able to use these to contribute to the important work of the AGITG in improving outcomes for patient care.

AGITG: Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Dr Tang: I enjoy travelling, reading and I’m attempting to teach myself the ukulele.