The Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group (AGITG) is a not for profit organisation.

We continue to focus on  our funding streams to achieve a balance of funding that is sustainable, flexible and diversified to meet our scientific opportunities.

To achieve this, the AGITG international network has been expanded, new initiatives have  been instigated to provide increased opportunities for the AGITG and its membership, and the collaborations with funding bodies by the AGITG have developed effective responses to the milestone management processes now required under most trials.

The continued development of our fund raising program through the GI Cancer Institute, our community division, is one of several key strategies of the AGITG and, its continued success will provide greater flexibility and capacity
to the AGITG in the future.

We would like to thank our many supporters including government, industry partners and individuals in our community. This support will ensure that the AGITG continues to be effective in achieving its mission to continually achieve better health outcomes for patients with gastro-intestinal cancers by conducting and promoting clinical and related biological research in Australasia and internationally, addressing key unanswered questions.


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