Consumer Advisory Panel


The AGITG Consumer Advisory Panel was established in 2008 as a volunteer group to provide advice to the AGITG on general research directions and priorities from a consumer perspective and to identify unmet needs in the community.

Key activities include the review of new trial concepts, identifying gaps in research, assisting with the ease of understanding of trial patient information and consent forms and advising on patient recruitment strategies.

The diligent work of the Consumer Advisory Panel is instrumental in providing a voice for survivors, patients, carers and families impacted by GI cancer.   This unique relationship between consumers and medical professionals contributes significantly to the improvement of treatments for people with GI cancer.

The Consumer Advisory Panel also supports the GI Cancer Institute with its initiatives such as the Engage Community Forum Program and the Gutsy Challenge.

Consumer Advisory Panel Members

Dan Kent, Chair
Survivor: Rectal cancer
Member since May 2008

Jan Mumford,  Deputy Chair
Survivor: Pancreatic cancer
Member since May 2009

Joe Levin
Survivor: Colorectal cancer
Member since  May 2011

Christine Bishop
Carer: GIST
Member since May 2012

Robin Mitchell
Survivor: Colorectal cancer
Member since  May 2012

Julie Marker
Survivor: 3 x Colon  cancer and liver mets
Member since  May 2013

James Armstrong
Survivor: Colorectal cancer
Member since  January 2015


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