25 Year Spotlight: A/Prof Eva Segelov

Assoc. Prof Eva Segelov“The AGITG is an instrumental part of my professional life. It allows me to be involved with cutting edge trials, to interact nationally and internationally with peers, to mentor junior staff and to provide my patients with the best possible care.

The spectrum from trials to translational research to education to patient support through the GI Institute covers all the areas vital to the holistic care of patients with GI cancer. The AGITG  provides a  dynamic, vibrant and challenging environment to facilitate improvements in outcomes for cancer patients and their families.”


Associate Professor Eva Segelov is a Medical Oncologist based at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney and a Clinical Academic at the Faculty of Medicine, UNSW. She has an interest in academic clinical trials in GI cancer and has been a member of AGITG for over 10 years. Within AGITG, Eva is currently a Board member, Convenor of the Annual Scientific Meeting,  member of the Lower GI Working Party, which considers and develops new trial concepts, and Convenor of the Annual Preceptorship in Colorectal Cancer and (from 2017) The Preceptorship  in Upper GI Cancer. Eva is also co-founder and co-convenor of the tri nation CommNETS (Commonwealth Neuroendocrine Tumour) collaboration which is housed under the AGITG umbrella.

She has clinical trials expertise and strong links with national and international trials groups, being the Principal Investigator of the recently published ICECREAM international Phase II trial; one of 4 Principal Investigators of the international ASCOLT trial assessing the role of aspirin following surgery and chemotherapy for bowel cancer, the Australian PI for AGITG of the QUASAR2 trial and the  Australian co-PI  of the SCOT study. She is involved with the translational research projects arising from the clinical trials, in particular investigating mechanism of benefit of aspirin. Her extensive experience with adult medical education underpinned her development of the Clinical Trials Preceptorship programs, teaching the current management of GI cancer through the evolution of treatments tested and proven in clinical trials. She is also active in treating and researching patients with breast cancer and is particularly interested in nutrition and exercise and cancer.

Eva holds a number of titles and memberships to medical professional bodies, including: Invited member, NCI/EORTC International Rare Cancers Initiative, metastatic anal cancer advisory group; Chair of Gastrointestinal Cancer of the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA) and Council member 2010- ; Convenor of COSA Annual Scientific Meeting, 2008-10; Editorial Board, Journal of Global Oncology, Board of Honorary Consultants, Medicine Today (by invitation) 2011-, amongst many others. She is

Eva’s clinical practice comprises many young patients and she strives to empower patients to participate in a holistic approach to cancer care.

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