2017 Projects & Working Groups


  • Appendiceal NET – Are we overtreating?
  • Financial Toxicity of NET.
  • MEN Database.
  • Recommendations for optimal clinial trial design in (advanced) NETs: consensus recommendations for trial endpoints from the CommNETS collaboration.
  • Making pNETs immunogenic.
  • NET classification by cell type.
  • Patients Longitudinal Analysis of NET Specimens: “PLANETS” Study.
  • PRRT and QOL.
  • Design and creation of an optimal shared care model for NETS patients in the community.
  • Systematic review of surgical trials in NET.
  • Feasibility of developing a radiological response signature using CT data                 for NETs.

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Project timelines:
1st interim report: June 2017
2nd interim report: September


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